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The HTC Summer Immersion Program

The Summer Immersion Program organised by HT Consulting is our initiative to encourage young minds who have an interest in technology to pursue a career in the IT industry. The program is intended to provide industry exposure to students from as early as their first year of undergraduate studies. The overarching idea behind our immersion program is the hope that students will return every summer to continue honing their skill set in preparation for their next semester and future career.

Students who are accepted into our Summer Immersion program will be a part of our development team, and will actively contribute to projects. Their learning is supported by a mentor – who is typically the team lead, as well as the other members of the same team.

The objective of our immersion program is two-fold, which is to provide an opportunity for enthusiasts to take their classroom learning and apply it to real-life projects, as well as to bring with them, practical know-how from the industry when they return to the classroom. To this end, our desire is to expose students to the reality of our industry, including customer expectations and work quality deliverables.

Wei Chuen working diligently on his delegated tasks.

“As the name of the program suggests, I wanted to create a place in the industry for students to return every 9 months or so during their summer break so that they can continue to immerse, absorb and engage with the life cycle of our development projects.” Vanessa Tan, Deputy CEO said.

“There is only so much we can learn from the classroom and our textbooks. What is important is having the opportunity to put it into practise, as well as to get feedback and guidance from teammates who are also working on the same project as we are.” She adds. “I want the students to gain fulfilment from knowing that they have contributed toward building an application that will go into production. I believe that when you know that your work is going to be used by real-life customers, effective analytical thinking automatically kicks-in. And this is not something that we can necessarily get from our textbooks.”

Kah Kit having project discussion with his senior.

Kah Kit and Wei Chuen are the first cohort of students accepted into our Summer Immersion Program. They are both first-year Computer Science students, majoring in Artificial Intelligence from The University of Nottingham, Malaysia.

Kah Kit shares from his experience, “Throughout this internship, I’ve learned how to solve one particular problem with many different solutions. The biggest take away from this internship is that I’ve learned that there is always something new to learn from any given task.”

“We practice having discussions and collaborations while working on a project. Even though I’m just an intern here, my teammates value my ideas and carry them out.” Says Wei Chuen.

HTC is a provider of services using enabling technologies that help our customers in various industries – with a focus in Banking and Healthcare; to make major strides in their performance and capabilities. We are committed to support our customer’s growth by providing solutions that bring together innovation, technology and practicality, so that they can stay focused on their core business and achieve milestone breakthroughs.

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