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Panton MCRE – The engine that drives the Panton toolset

Panton MCRE is a powerful content repository engine built to allow various types of content to be indexed, stored and retrieved efficiently.


Content such as structured and unstructured data files, web content, documents, images of all formats, videos and audio clips, are compressed and indexed using robust algorithms, so that voluminous amount of records can be managed at any given time, without compromising system performance.

Multi-Content Repository Engine

Panton MCRE workspace

Within the vast space of Panton MCRE repository, unlimited workspaces can be created to manage each department or subsidiary. Within each workspace, content is managed in an organised tree structure where users can freely create as many nested folders to best meet their needs.


Panton MCRE is built to be fully integrated to all Panton modules and other 3rd party systems to provide fast and secured access to all content stored in its repository.


System security throughout Panton is controlled by Panton MCRE, such as tight user access controls that can ensure the highest level of confidentiality throughout the organisation. Other security features managed by Panton MCRE is listed below.

Key features & functionalities of Panton MCRE

Enables all types of content to be attached 

Straight-forward hierarchical structure to organise folders 

Full-text & manual indexing, Tagging

Document upload from folder with binding capabilities

Tight security access to stored information 

Check-in/Check-out document 

Comprehensive search functions

Version control

Document Publishing & Obsoleting 

Cross-link documents 

Document watermarking

Download link for external users

Audit trail & reporting

Tracks and monitors document status  

Complies to LDAP and AD

Establishing seamless connectivity to enable your people to work effectively with others, as well as have access to content, is critical to all workflow processes within your organisation.

Discover how our Panton Toolset can help move your business forward

Panton Imaging icon

Panton Imaging automates seamless hard-to-soft copy document capture process

Panton Active Form icon

Panton Active Form enables form-driven process automation

Panton Archival icon

Panton Archiving provides external backup, and Search & Retrieval functions for archived documents

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Panton Workflow is an enabler of process automation

Panton Messaging manages automatic broadcasts

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