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Panton Messaging – The notification tool

Panton Messaging is built for the dedicated purpose of broadcasting events, status, deadlines, alerts and reminders effectively throughout an organisation. It is fully integrated to all Panton modules so that every user within your digital ecosystem can be kept updated and in turn, effectively carry out their tasks.


The sending of notifications varies from one organisation to another due to its respective requirements, and we try our best to accommodate our customers’ requirements because we believe in the importance of sending notifications at the right time, to the right people.

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Key features & functionalities of Panton Messaging

Attaches notifications to any Panton process to track and monitor

Real-time, automatic broadcast via SMS, Email or Integrated to your in-house mobile app

Built-in alert monitoring and status notification upon user login

Apply user-defined parameters & rules to set up notifications

Notification generator on expiring dates

Track and record complete history of messages

Establishing seamless connectivity to enable your people to work effectively with others, as well as have access to content, is critical to all workflow processes within your organisation.

Discover how our Panton Toolset can help move your business forward

Panton Imaging icon

Panton Imaging automates seamless hard-to-soft copy document capture process

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Panton Active Form enables form-driven process automation

Panton Archival icon

Panton Archiving provides external backup, and Search & Retrieval functions for archived documents

Workflow icon

Panton Workflow is an enabler of process automation

Panton MCRE provides a robust repository that enables content storage of any type

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