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Panton Archival – External Storage

Panton Archival serves as an offline storage for documents and content which have been made obsolete or inactive. This module enables organisations to purge items which are no longer actively used from your server storage, freeing up valuable space for new content.


The archiving process includes backing up content onto external media storage and creating links to them. Whenever you need to retrieve an obsoleted document, Panton will use these links to retrieve the files for you from the particular external storage.


Depending on an organisation’s requirement, you can choose to back-up content onto external disk storage or cloud storage.

Woman Deleting stuffs

Key features & functionalities of Panton Archival

Create links to obsoleted documents before export

Export to various storage types – External disk, cloud storage

Ability to search for archived content and direct you to the external storage 

Establishing seamless connectivity to enable your people to work effectively with others, as well as have access to content, is critical to all workflow processes within your organisation.

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