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Panton Business Automation – Customers’ Success Story

Over the years, we have help our customers from various industry ranging from banking, manufacturing, healthcare, food & beverage to automate their business processes. Explore how we manage to identify problems faced by our customers and how Panton came in to solve and move their business forward.

Discover how our Panton Toolset can help move your business forward

Panton Messaging manages automatic broadcasts

Panton Imaging icon

Panton Imaging automates seamless hard-to-soft copy document capture process

Panton Active Form icon

Panton Active Form enables form-driven process automation

Workflow icon

Panton Workflow is an enabler of process automation

Panton MCRE provides a robust repository that enables content storage of any type

Panton Archival icon

Panton Archiving provides external backup, and Search & Retrieval functions for archived documents