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Panton Imaging – Fully automated document capture & upload

Panton Imaging fully automates the conversion of your paper-based documents to digital copies. This module is implemented via the set up of scanning stations.


From your scanning station, you will be able to view your Panton MCRE repository and its workspaces, and immediately select the folder in which you would like to upload your scanned documents into immediately after scanning.


Should these documents need to be routed through a workflow before being published to Panton MCRE, you can do so directly from your scanning station by selecting from your list of predefined templates. Panton MCRE will also fully index each document prior to publishing.

Girl reading scanned file

Key features & functionalities of Panton Imaging

Module is compatible to any scanner with TWAIN driver version 9 or higher

Allows users to insert, append or delete scanned pages even after scanning

Automatic binding feature for documents that need to be identified as one folder

Automatic lookup indexes by backend database referencing

Database lookup (ODBC/JDBC)

User can select a predefined Panton workflow template to route scanned documents

Establishing seamless connectivity to enable your people to work effectively with others, as well as have access to content, is critical to all workflow processes within your organisation.

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