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Panton Workflow -Enabler of Process Automation

Panton Workflow is an enabler for organisations to replace manual processes with automated workflow structures. This module offers a powerful Active Workflow Designer that you can use to customise workflow processes while applying your organisation’s business rules. Customised workflows are saved as predefined templates.


Accessing to content stored in MCRE, information is seamlessly routed throughout the desired workflow paths without the need for human intervention and the end of each process will yield outcomes given your input.


The intuitive and flexible nature of our Active Workflow Designer caters to the natural needs of users and your organisation. Workflow structures can be designed by using drag & drop features, while parameters, rules and weightage are defined using drop down lists. You can even determine escalation routes.

Man doing workflow

The Panton Workflow Module

Panton sequential workflow

Panton Workflow module recognizes the use of machine-driven processes as illustrated by the green wheel, within your workflow structure to reduce inefficiencies caused by repetitive tasks.


Other than using predefined templates, you can also make use of the ad-hoc workflow function to select a person “on-the-fly” whom you would like to route a document to. When the ad-hoc workflow is completed, you can choose to save it as a pre-defined template for future use.


Close monitoring of documents and actions will be carried out throughout a successfully initiated workflow, and status notifications via email or other channels can be set up, according to the requirements of respective customers.


As an added feature for security, you can explore biometrics – thumbprint or facial recognition, implement Public Key Infrastructure or incorporate the use of digital signatures.

Key features & functionalities of Panton Workflow

Easily creates workflow templates using the Panton Active Workflow Designer via browser

Creates workflow structures: Sequential, Parallel, Machine-driven process in 1 workflow

Ad-hoc workflow templates

Ability to define Rules & Weightage and Business Rules for each template

PDF annotation to ease user review & approval process

Comments can be inserted into the workflow which are tracked and audited

Flexible escalations features

Monitoring and tracking of workflow, Notification

Audit trails within each workflow, Reporting

Completed workflows can be archived for future review purposes, and related documents can be easily linked and retrieved if necessary

Groups can be created within each workflow to combine a group of people together as one entity for easier management

Establishing seamless connectivity to enable your people to work effectively with others, as well as have access to content, is critical to all workflow processes within your organisation.

Discover how our Panton Toolset can help move your business forward

Panton Imaging icon

Panton Imaging automates seamless hard-to-soft copy document capture process

Panton Active Form icon

Panton Active Form enables form-driven process automation

Panton Archival icon

Panton Archiving provides external backup, and Search & Retrieval functions for archived documents

Panton MCRE provides a robust repository that enables content storage of any type

Panton Messaging manages automatic broadcasts

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