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Solutions for healthcare

HTC has always had our hands in the healthcare industry – from developing complex systems to manage hospitals in the early days, to building innovative solutions today leveraging mobile and cloud technology. This is because we have always firmly believed that technology is the key enabler and driver for successful healthcare facilities.


Today, technology-driven solutions built by Panton eHealth – our Research & Development arm, provides your medical professionals access to the most accurate patient information in real-time, and to ultimately render quality patient care that best suits every patient.

Hospitals can now achieve a fully integrated technology-driven environment by implementing an EMR-driven-HIS solution

Panton Healthcare Management Solutions (PantonHMS) a product of Panton eHealth is a comprehensive suite of healthcare solutions built using the latest web technology and architecture for managing your hospital. PantonHMS comprises solutions for:



PantonEMR is built to function as an information superhighway at your hospital whereby your doctors and nurses are able to access up-to-date patient information and laboratory results using wireless devices such as an iPad or Tablet PC.


PantonEMR is seamlessly integrated to Snomed CT – a library of internationally recognized terminologies used; that is vital in enabling your doctors accurately document and report about patients at the point-of-care. The solution is also integrated with comprehensive drug libraries so that erroneous medication prescription can be eliminated through the use of Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) when raising orders for medication and lab orders.


Hospitals who have successfully implemented PantonEMR have experienced unprecedented transformation in their clinical workflow processes, which ultimately reduces unnecessary wait-time and truly enhances their patient’s total hospital experience.


Discover how PantonEMR can transform your clinical workflow by downloading this brochure.



PantonHIS is uniquely built to be EMR-driven. It is the next generation HIS solution that seamlessly integrates with PantonEMR to fully optimize communication and information flow between your backend processes like patient management and financial activities, with patient-facing clinical processes carried out by your healthcare professionals at the point-of-care.


Our HIS solution also seamlessly integrates with various third party healthcare solutions via robust and secured interfaces to effectively automate your entire hospital operations.


Discover how you can achieve a fully-integrated healthcare environment using PantonHIS by downloading this brochure.



One of the earliest projects undertaken by HTC in the mid 90’s for the healthcare industry is the development of a laboratory information system that was subsequently implemented by the largest government hospital in Malaysia. The system is still in use till today – connected to various analysers and running more than 20,000 test daily.


PantonLIS is designed based on a solid framework and architecture that ensures optimal system robustness. Built to connect with all your application and instrument interfaces, our solution works seamlessly with any 3rd party systems to create a powerful integrated solution that supports laboratory medicine and promotes quality patient care.


PantonLIS drives the entire workflow of your clinical laboratory by streamlining your its processes to decrease specimen handling time, increase productivity and improve turnaround time.