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Solutions for banking

Banks are at the forefront of technology and are constantly on a lookout for new opportunities to harness new technologies. Leveraging synergy through partnership with our global banking-technology partner Rototype International, HTC is strategic in our role to help banks automate their end-to-end processes, optimize the use of human resources and enhance a banking customer’s experience.


Our Maestro suite of banking applications include solutions for:


Maestro CVS is the safest, most modern approach of processing cheques that leverages imaging technology to capture front and rear cheque images, and electronically transmitting all captured information to a financial clearinghouse for verification and decision making. It is the most vital function of the Cheque Truncation System (CTS), also commonly known as Check-21 in USA – a global electronic cheque processing initiative adopted by banks, aimed at meeting the transaction intensive needs of the banking industry.

Discover how Maestro CVS can enable your bank to align with CTS guidelines by downloading this brochure.


Maestro Monitoring and Control (Maestro M&C) is a web based self-service machine monitoring and control system that provides real-time machine analysis based on collected data such as kiosk status, consumables inventory, errors and statistics. It is built to automatically measure, diagnose and report the health status of your fleet of ATMs across multiple vendors and software platforms, providing you with optimal centralized control over your machines regardless of geographical location and reach.


The solution is also capable of centrally managing all administrative tasks of your self-service machines, enabling functions such as pushing software updates, advertisements and business rules that drive your kiosk operations.


Discover an effective way to gain full control over your ATM fleet by downloading this brochure.


Maestro IQA is a web-based solution that performs stringent image quality checks for all captured cheque images, making sure that they are not only of the highest quality but also adhere to the Federal Services Technology Consortium (FSTC) Image Defect Metric Definitions and ANSI 98 Standards. The solution provides an ideal platform for performing 14 types of image quality assurance tests for Image size compatibility, Image compression compatibility, Front and rear dimension mismatches, Image color, Excessive image skew, Folded and torn edges or corners, and Image noise.


Maestro IQA is designed to be easily integrated with solutions for self-service machines and back office cheque processing systems.


HTC specializes in developing application software that controls self-service banking machines – namely kiosks for cash & cheque deposit, bill payment and on-demand chequebook dispensing. Our front-end applications also help banks remain customer-centric by designing intuitive user interfaces that will enhance the customer’s banking experience at any self-service terminal.