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Solutions for document management

In today’s dynamic business environment, delivering great service and customer experiences are critical. But in order to do that, organizations need the flexibility to break out of manual and rigid processes and give knowledge workers the freedom – and more importantly the tools; to capture, share, develop and use many types of knowledge.

Build a dynamic paperless environment and start doing more

PantonEDMS is made for businesses of all sizes and suitable across all industries from manufacturing, legal, non-profit, banks and hospitals. It is built to not only function as a digital filing cabinet, but also provide functionalities to enable knowledge-driven processes to take place in your business using a powerful workflow engine called PantonWF.


Using PantonWF, your business will have unprecedented flexibility to create parallel and sequential workflows to fully streamline your business processes. At the core of our highly scalable solution, is a robust proprietary engine called Multi-Content Repository Engine also known as MRCE. MCRE is uniquely designed to store all captured content in its original format – including content like structured and unstructured data, audio and visual.


From our intuitive user interface, files can be retrieved using content keywords and other index information based on content type, and routed through any of your predefined workflow processes. Built using our most robust algorithms, MCRE boasts exceptional retrieval speed of only 2 seconds.


Your people can only deliver the most effective business outcomes if key content and documents are effectively created, stored and managed. PantonEDMS customers have observed that their employees’ productivity have increased by many folds because of the new and dynamic paperless environment, as well as automatic triggers for predefined workflow processes. Managers have also gained more control over the management of their teams and respective tasks with better security controls in place, and the ability to monitor tasks statuses and identify bottlenecks.

Features of EDMS

Sequential & Parallel

Auto Indexing

Version Control

User Access Control

Full Text Search

Check-in and Check-out Options

Audit Trails

E-mail Notifications